Thursday, 10 April 2014

Spring Blossoms Polymer Clay on Reclaimed Wood

My first spring project for this year. Polymer clay on reclaimed wood planks. A friend of mine asked me to create a wall decor using polymer clay flowers and reclaimed barn wood.
I thought it's going to be a pretty interesting project to try since it will be my first time to work with polymer clay on wood.
I have read forums that you can bake polymer clay as long as they are bonded on the wood. Wood is porous material, so clay don't adhere well on it after baking. The design I have in my mind was using a 2" x 6" x 24" reclaimed lumber, there's no way it can fit in my small oven so, I decided to sculpt the designs and details, bake it, finish it and glue all pieces together on the wood surface. The project turned out really well.

Materials used for this project:

White & red premo clay to create pink clay for flowers
Olive green premo clay for the leaves
Accent copper premo clay for the tree
Yellow clay for the middle of the flower
Pearl ex - pink, gold & pearl
3M glue 

I sculpted the flowers, leaves & tree individually. I finish the look of the flowers with pearl ex (pearl & pink) 
This process took long.
I made 60 pcs. of the flowers and about 30 pcs. of the leaves.

For the leaves, I use a small teardrop cutter and use silk leaf for impresssion.
I finished it with pearl ex ( pearl and antique gold)

This is the reclaimed lumber about 30 yrs. old, cut & sanded.
Thanks to my husband for providing me the lumber.
I don't have experience working with wood but we made a good team :-)

I baked all pieces, finished it pym II and glued it all together 
on the wood using 3M glue.

The wood was stained with Brazilian Rose gel wood stain.
It created a nice contrast with the clay design on it. I love how this reclaimed wood look. The grains, texture and distressed looks added a nice touch. It's pure rustic.

I also brushed a little antique gold on the edges of the tree and branches.

I created two planks and I tried to make it identical but unfortunately I ran out of the 
copper clay so the other tree is shorter but it's easy to glue the addition later. 

This was a fun project and I am looking forward in creating more projects with polymer clay and wood. 
Thank you for visiting my blog.
More spring project coming soon.