Saturday, 3 October 2015

Red Poppy & Spring Tulips Polymer Clay Bowl

I love these bowls. They can be used as pencil holder, candle holder or just a decor itself.
They stand about 5 inches tall and and 4 inches opening. It is such a beautiful piece. 
All details are hand sculpted and finished with pearl ex powder. 

The flowers are hand sculpted individually and finished with pearl ex powder. 
I use red, black and olive green clays.
Flowers and leaves were added to the covered vase and then cured. 

Leaves are hand stamped and bowl cover is a textured black clay finished with silver viva inca gold. 
My idea was to achieve an oxidized silver look. I am pretty happy how it turned out. 

Here's another design I created with tulips.  The orange tulips and the old gold cover of the bowl created a very nice contrast. It was a challenge to me placing these sculpted flowers on the bowl to make it life like looking. I added the leaves and the stems and added some pearl ex for finishing. The look lovely. 
Tulips are my favourite flowers. They add beauty to the spring after a lifeless winter. 

These bowls are part of my flower vases collection. 

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The Red poppy vase is available for purchase in my Luna Blue Gifts Store. 

Friday, 2 October 2015

Textured Metallic Polymer Clay

I found this unique shape vase and I thought I will turn it metallic looking. 
Materials for this project are black premo clay, textured mat, alcohol ink and gilders paste. 
To achieve a metallic look I used piƱata alcohol ink and gilders paste. 

Textured Metallic Vase

The vase has very nice texture. 

To painted alcohol ink inside the vase to make it black. 

I added the Ridges on the edges to create  nice details. 

Thank you for visiting my blog. This beautiful unique vase is 
available for purchase in my Luna Blue Gifts store. 

Patchwork Polymer Clay Wine Bottle

This bottle is my latest of my altered wine bottle. In this project I used 750 ml wine bottle,  polymer clay, gilders paste, cutters, textured mat. 
This is a very unique art and beautiful altered bottle. 
Clay is textured and finished with gilders paste. 
It is cured in oven for 275 at 45 minutes.


I used several shapes of cutters to create the patches for this bottle. 

I am pretty pleased how this bottle turned out. 
I love the patches. 

This bottle is waiting for its forever home. 
This is available for purchase in my Luna Blue Gifts store.
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