Monday, 3 March 2014

DIY Flowers & Vines Polymer Clay Wine Bottle

I am finally done with my latest project. This bottle is for my sister Faith. I think, adding a name on this bottle makes it more special and personal. It's an inexpensive beautiful gift. 
It will be a lovely piece to place on her wall shelf. 
This project took awhile to make since I used 1.5 Liter of empty wine bottle and covered the entire bottle with textured polymer clay. I am glad on how it turned out.
It's a fun way to upcycle empty wine bottle.  

Flowers & Vines

Materials I used for this project:
1.5L clean empty wine bottle
Polymer Clays ( Premo Black, Bronze, Beige & Spanish Olive)
Basic polymer clay tools & pasta machine
Textured clay (Helen Breil) (cobalt stone by makins)
Pearl ex pigments (micropearl, silver, pink gold, red russet, gold, bronze)
Basic Tools & Texture pads

I combined bronze and beige clay to cover the entire bottle.
Black clay for neck accent and the name plate
Spanish Olive for the vines 
Red & White to create pinkish colour clay for the flowers.

These are the colours of pearl ex I used for the flowers 
(micro pearl, pink gold, red russet & gold)

I used cobalt stone texture sheet from makins to create this look. 
I cut them into different sizes then layered them on the bottle.
I added small tacks from the (spanish olive clay) all the edges to
create an effect.
Then brush it with purple, bronze and silver pearl ex pigments.

I run the vines all over and added leaves and flowers. 
I combined white clay and very little red clay to create pinkish flower.
Then I brushed it with gold, red russet, micro pearl & pink gold pearl ex to create highlights.
I used bronze pear ex for the vines. 

I used black clay for the name plate and the accent I placed around the bottle neck and run it with Helen Breil's rubber textured pad to create texture.
I added the name using the spanish olive clay.
I finished it by brushing red russet, gold, silver pearl ex to create effects. 

The bottle was cured for 30 minutes at 275C.
Let it cool and Finished with PYM II

Flowers & Vines Polymer Clay Wine Bottle

I hope you enjoyed my ideas and design on this project.
Thank you for browsing my blog site. 
More Ideas and Designs coming.