Polymer Clay Jewelry

These are my polymer clay necklaces . I love creating polymer clay necklaces. The very first lesson I learned about polymer clay was how to create clay canes and I use the canes  to create a set of earrings and necklaces. I was pretty happy on how it turned out but I only have a few accessories made of clay canes.  I learned the technique of texturing clay and gilding it with gilders paste or colouring it with alcohol ink or mica.  I created more pieces using that technique and I enjoyed.

This set is one of my attempts using clay canes.
Round beads are made from clay and I accent it
with small glass beads. This project turned out well
and it made a lovely gift to someone special.

Metallic Shades Pendants
Colourful shades...

Textured Polymer Clay Necklace
My textured polymer clay necklace.
Inspired by Helen Breil shapes.
I used black clay and finish it gilders paste.

Patina Swirl Polymer Clay Necklace
I love how this necklace look. It's a lovely accessory.
This necklace is also Helen Breil shape inspired.
I finished it with patina and german silver gilders paste.

African Bronze Textured Polymer Clay Necklace
This is a beautiful piece. I love the shape and colour.
I accent it with black glass beads in the middle and use
black leather cord for the chain.

Red Russet Textured Polymer Clay Necklace
I used black clay for this necklace and finished it with
pearl ex. I added glass beads for accent. Lovely necklace.

Heart Polymer Clay Necklace
I love these heart. I made several of these for valentines day gifts and
I also made these for keychains with names.  These pendants
are finished using piƱata alcohol inks and gilders paste.

Antique Style Polymer Clay Pendants
My sisters asked me to make them pendants
and these are the pieces I made for them.
They are all made of black clay gilded to create
and antique metal finish.

Fun with Pearl ex
I had fun creating these pendants  with glass bead
and finished it with  different shades of pearl ex.