Polymer Clay Vases

I made several polymer clay glass vases for gifts.  My first attempt with glass vase turned out really good and that's how I fell in love reusing bottles. I enjoyed the process of covering with clay, sculpting designs, adding bead and finishing it. Recently, I tried frosting the bottle with enamel paints and added polymer clay for details. Each pieces I made turned out  lovely.
Click on the links below to see more photos and how I made bare used glass vases to a lovely decor.

                Bouquet of Roses
                Yellow and Gold Roses

Steampunk Polymer Clay Vases
My metallic and steampunk inspired vases

Antiqued Washed Polymer Clay Vase
So vintage...

Tropical Dream Polymer Clay Vases
Hibiscus Vases

Peony Polymer Clay Frosted Vase
Summer inspiration

Roses Polymer Clay Vases
My roses vases trio

Daffodils Polymer Clay Vase
Another Spring inspired vase added to my collection.

Polymer Clay Bowl
My red poppy and spring tulips bowl.

Rosa Polymer Clay Vase
This is such an elegant vase.
The very first vase in my flower collection.

Frosted Lavender Polymer Clay Bowl
My new frosted bowl with polymer clay details.

Blue Poppy Anemone Polymer Clay Vase
My inspiration to this project is a beautiful
blue poppy anemone flower. It is a blended color.

Pretty in Pink Polymer Clay Vase
This vase is one of my flower vase collection.

Summer Garden Polymer Clay Vase
My latest addition to my polymer clay frosted glass vase collection.
Beautiful Garden

Red & Purple Dream
Red & Purple Hydrangeas
Lovely vase

Flower Blooms Polymer Clay Vases
Here's my earlier work. A collection of
vases with flower accents. The covers of these vases
was made from accent pearl clays so some part
shows a beautiful mica shift appearance.
I also added glass beads for each vases.

Textured Polymer Clay Vase
This is the first vase I created with layered textured cover.
The process of covering a big vase took long but I was
happy with my choice of colour and details.
Lovely gift.

Flower Garden Polymer Clay Vase
This is probably the most challenging vase I worked with.
Quite a large vase and it took long covering the entire bottle.
I love how the flowers turned out in this project.
It is such a lovely piece.

Frosted Polymer Clay Vases
These are my frosted polymer clay vases.
I painted the glass vases with enamel paints
and added polymer clay as details.