Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Polymer Clay Ball Ornament

My first attempt on Polymer Clay Ball Ornament. It's a random design. I used scrap clay and textured rubber mat added some details, baked and finished it with gold and bronze gilder's paste. 
Materials used for this project:
Glass ball (big size) 
Polymer clays - premo peacock and bronze, pink, white & olive green 
Pearl ex to finish the details
Gilders paste - bronze and gold
Textured Rubber Sheet
Clay tools
White ribbon

To create the textured clay, see link below

Details are sculpted individually and I finished it using pearl ex. 
I secured each pieces using polymer clay glue.

I baked the ball at 275C for 45 minutes, then rubbed gold and bronze gilders paste on the textured body of the ball and finished it with PYM II.
It is a lovely piece. 
Beautiful decor & gift for any occasion. 

Here are other pieces I created. 
They made a lovely gift to special friends. 

Photo below showed uncured clay. I was just finishing the details 
when I took the photo. 

This project is truly unique. I have few christmas ball ornaments  that I created 
and I was pretty happy on how they turned out. 
I will definitely make more of these balls. 
It's elegant and lovely pieces for holiday gifts and other occasions. 
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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Summer Garden Polymer Clay Frosted Vase

This piece is a great addition to my frosted vases collection. This is a late upload. I created this vase summer of 2014. I love nature. I love beautiful flowers. I thought flower blossoms over a picket fence will look nice for a vase design.
 I am very happy how this vase turned out. It is lovely and it makes a great decorative piece.

In this project, I used a large size glass vase, light blue glass enamel paint, polymer clays (white, light orange, pinkish red, pink and olive green), pearl ex powder ( pearl white & gold), alcohol ink (brown), textured mat (wood) & clay tools.

The picket fence made a nice border at the bottom of the vase.
I frosted the glass vase with light blue glass enamel paint using sea sponge.

Details are sculpted using polymer clay. I use premo clays for my projects. 
I brushed the flowers and leaves with pearl ex powder & alcohol ink for the fence.
Then baked it at 275C for 45 minutes and sealed it with PYM II.

Summer Garden Vase

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