Thursday, 5 February 2015

Polymer Clay Wine Bottle "Pure Elegance"

This is my "Pure Elegance". Another Addition to my wine bottle collection. 
This bottle is inspired from my previous  creation "Magic in a Bottle"
I used the same kind of wine bottle, texture sheet and stamp but a different finish.
It's a quick designs. It did not need a lot of details. It's just a textured clay, stamped clay, extruded clay, clay beads and done. 
I wasn't sure how it looks but I am pretty impress that it turned out beautiful. Elegant Indeed!

Materials used:
Wine Bottle
Premo Clays (black & copper)
Textured sheet
Rubber stamp
Mica powder (magenta, emerald green)
Gilders paste (antique gold, african bronze)
Clay tools

Textured clay (black and copper combined) 
finished with gilders paste ( antique gold and bronze)

I added clay beads and extruded clay for details.
I think it made the piece more interesting. 
The sand texture at the neck o the bottle was finished with 
mica powders - emerald green,  gold & gilders paste.

Flowers are made from rubber stamp impression on clay. 
I brushed it with magenta & emerald green mica powder

After all the details and sculpting. Bottle was cure at 275C for 45 minutes. 
Sealed with PYM II 
This bottle is decorative.  
Thank you for visiting  my blog. Check out my other post for more ideas and designs on how to upcycle wine bottle & glass vases.