Saturday, 14 March 2015

Polymer Clay Wine Bottle "Spring Blossoms"

I've been busy working on spring projects. I have made a few of this idea on vase, canvass and reclaimed wood. I thought I should do it in wine bottle. This bottle calls for spring. Spring is here. 
I enjoyed working on wine bottle. I love what I can do with it. 
I used white and red clay to create a light pink color. The textured layer on the bottle is made out of scrap clays I have from  my previous project and I finished it with Pearl ex powder.  It's a beautiful bottle. 
Materials used in this project:
Empty wine bottle
Premo clays (white, red, burnt umber, blue granite)
Pearl ex powder (antique gold, bronze, micro pearl & pink)
Texture sheet (sand by makin's)
Clay tools

I created the flower slightly larger than my previous work and finished it with pearl ex.  Leaves are stamp with rubber stamp to create the impression. 

I used the makin's sand texture sheet for the background and finished it with gold and bronze. 
It created a nice contrast. I love how it looks. 

Trunk and branches are sculpted using umber burnt premo clay. 
I designed it spreading the front of the bottle. It really turned out well. 
It is just exactly what I imagined it to be. 

This bottle is cured at 275 C for 55 minutes in the oven.
I sealed it with PYM II.
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Friday, 13 March 2015

Wine Bottle with Polymer Clay "Antique Gold"

I love the texture of this bottle.  It is also inspired by my previous bottle Magic in a Bottle & Pure Elegance. The clay used in this bottle are premo black, burnt umber & copper. I combined black and copper clay for the top part of the bottle. It was a great combination. My intention was to create something vintage.  The shape of the bottle is narrow and long. I thought, adding a handle on the side completes the look of the bottle. This bottle does not have elaborate details but using the textured sheet creates a beautiful & easy project. 
Materials used in this project:
Empty wine bottle
Premo Clays (black, burnt umber & copper)
Gilders paste (antique gold)
Pearl ex (gold)
Clay tools

Here's a closer look of the texture. I rubbed gilders paste antique gold and german silver after the bottle was cured for 45 minutes at 275C.
I also added that clay beads around the bottle for extra details.

I added flower tie using my extra copper clay at the neck of the bottle. I finished it with German silver gilders paste. 

This was an easy project and yet it turned out into a beautiful piece. 
I secured the handle with bakeable clay before baking to make sure it is secured well on the bottle. 

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