Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Polymer Clay Covered Journal

I've been working lately with these polymer clay covered journals. I enjoyed making these covers. I am pretty happy of how they all turned out.
This journal cover is made using crimson, black & olive premo clay. The middle of the heart is gold & red pinata ink. I added glass beads on the side of the heart. 
I love the vintage look of the journal.

                  HEARTS & CHAINS 

This is my first front and back covered journal. Materials used for this cover is black and red clay. To create the old metallic look.  I used mica powder, gilders paste & patina. This is a beautiful journal. A lovely piece of art. 

                  TEXTURED TILES
I love the colours of this journal. It's so fun and vibrant. I added magenta flowers to complete the look. I used rubber textured sheet for the tiles and viva inca gold for the vibrant colours. 

                 FLOWER GARDEN
All flowers & other details on this journal is handmade. I finished them with mica powder. Leaves are handstamped using cling stamps.
The background was textured with wood grain using burnt umber premo clay. 
I love this journal. It's for nature lover. 

                 STEAMPUNK THEME
This is my first attempt on steampunk design. I was really thrilled on how it turned out. I use copper, patina old gold, bronze paste to achieve the metallic look. 
It's a really cool design. I had fun making this journal. I will definitely make more  steampunk theme. 

I made this journal using rubber stamp, black clay and sculpted clay details.
I finished it with perfect pearl, pearl ex and viva inca gold. 

This is a very unique cover using rubber stamp, brown polymer clay and 
 various colour of viva inca gold and pearl ex.

This journal cover is inspired by my daughter's owl painting.
I used several colours of pear ex for finishing.
The vibrant  blue color made this journal very beautiful.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I will have more designs coming soon. 
The FLOWER GARDEN JOURNAL is available for purchase in my Luna Blue Gifts store.