Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Red Russet Textured Polymer Clay Necklace

I am happy on how this necklace turned out. When I was looking at my materials available. It took me awhile to decide what I will create. I thought of making something with 3 pendants, instead of placing beads on each sides. It is something different, yet very pretty. I used pearl ex pigments to get the red russet colour.
Materials I used for this project are black polymer clay, 3 sizes of football shape cookie cutter, cobble stone textured pad by makins, black glass beads & pins, black leather cords and clasps and the pearl ex red russet. I finished this with PYMII.
If you have any questions about the materials used and instructions step by step how to make this necklace. Let me know and I'll be glad to share my ideas.

Another design with the same texture and colour.