Sunday, 16 March 2014

Roses are Red Polymer Clay Wine

I am happy to share the latest addition to my wine bottle collection "Roses are Red" polymer clay wine bottle.  
My goal for this project is to create a ripped metal exposing something beautiful - red roses. 
I am pretty pleased on how this project turned out. The textured black clay I used created a nice metal look around the after rubbing gilders paste on it and the combination of crimson and copper premo clay gave the bottle a vibrant colour.  Roses and leaves were sculpted individually and I used a leaf from the silk flower for impression. This was a pretty easy project and it turned empty wine bottle to beautiful gift or decor. 
A great way to upcycle your empty wine bottle using polymer clay.

Materials I used for this project:
Premo clays - spanish olive, alazarin crimson, copper & black
Pearl ex-  antique gold, pearl & red russet
Baroque gilders paste - german silver & patina
Viva inca gold - silver
silk leaf - for impression
Makins sand texture sheet
Parchment paper
Polymer clay tools - cutters, roller & pasta machine

The vibrant background of the bottle was made by combining the crimson and copper premo clay.
I conditioned each colour and twist them together and run them 3 times to the pasta machine. 
I used crumpled parchment paper to create texture.

I used black clay and textured it with sand texture sheet from makins and then I finished it patina, german silver and silver gilders paste to create a metal look wrapping the bottle.

Roses are made of crimson clay. Leaves and stems are made of spanish olive clay.
I finished the roses and leaves with pearl ex - pearl, antique gold and red russet.
For leaf impression, I cut one leaf from a silk flower and stamped it on the olive green clay and a clay tool to cut around it and to create the shape of the leaf.

Here's the back photo of the bottle.

I finished the design with a rose and leaves at the top of the bottle.

"Roses are Red" a beautiful gift from the heart. 

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