Wednesday, 11 February 2015

"Textured Silk" Polymer Clay Wine Bottle

Another upcycled wine bottle project. I named this bottle my "Textured Silk" wine bottle. My inspiration to this project is the indian silk fabric.  My intention was to create something bold and eye catching. I think the  design and colours I picked works well for this project.
I love the blast of colours and shimmers.  I used cling rubber stamps from inkadinkado for textures and mica powder for the colours. I love those cling stamps. It's multipurpose stamps. I use them for embossing cards and also for polymer clay. 

Materials I used for this project:
Empty wine Bottle
Black & Alizarin Crimson (premo clay)
Makin's sand texture sheet
Inkadinkado Cling Stamps
Mica powders
Clay tools

Stamps I used are the floral and fossil leaves. 
Other details are hand sculpted. 

Here's an upclose photo of the inkadinkado stamps that I use for impression.
They look lovely.
Magenta, gold, emerald green, silver, bronze, red russet mica powder completes the
look of the details.

The back part of the bottle showed the sand texture and the combination of black and alizarin crimson and black clay with brushed bronze mica. 

I added clay beads for additional details.

Upcycling wine bottles is my favourite polymer clay project. 
I love what I can do with it. 
All you need is time and imagination.
"Textured Silk"

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