Saturday, 22 August 2015

Blue Anemone Polymer Clay Vase

This vase is the second vase I created for the my flower vase collection. It stands about 7.8 inches tall and 3 inches opening. Materials used for this vase is clear glass vase, wire, polymer clay (black, silver, blue, green, yellow & purple), gilders paste. 
My inspiration to this piece is the blue anemone flower. I blended two shades of blue clay to create a nice effect. 

Flowers were sculpted using two blends of blue clay and I added the textured leaves.
The middle part is yellow and purple clay.

I used textured black clay and layered it all over the vase. I finished it with gilders paste and added the round beads on a painted wire.

I love how this vase turned out. It is such a beautiful piece. 
Thank you for visiting my blog. This vase is available for purchase in my LunaBlueGifts store. 

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