Thursday, 31 December 2015

Metallic Steampunk Design Polymer Clay Vase

What's great about polymer clay is its versatility. I thank the PC artist who discovered how to make PC metallic looking. I love this technique. 
These vases are my version of metallic, steampunk look cylinder shape polymer clay covered vases. 
They stand about 7 inches tall. 

My steampunk Design
 Every details on the vase are all made of polymer clay. Gilded and brushed with pearl ex powder to achieve metal look. I added perfect pearls patina for an aged look. 

The glass vase is frosted with champagne and gold bakeable multi surface paint. 
They cure well when baked so they stay durable. 

This textured copper vase is a quick project. 
I use black clay, run it to the pasta machine with rubber texture mat. 
I covered the vase and finished it with perfect ranger patina and viva inca gold copper. 

The covered vase looks bare to me so I needed to add something on it. 
Ah! metallic butterflies will look nice. 
I also finished it with copper and patina. 

I am pretty pleased how these vases turned out.
The copper and patina vase is available for purchase in my 
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