Friday, 18 December 2015

Peony Polymer Clay Frosted Vase

My latest frosted vase design. 
My inspiration to this vase is my front flower garden. Where I have beautiful summer flowers and the bushes of white and pink peonies. I decided to add tree bark around the body of the vase. I thought the concave shape of the vase makes it interesting. It also highlight the beautiful flowers.
I brushed the flowers and other details with pearl ex powder and chalk pastel. 
The glass vase is frosted with multi surface paint gold and champagne. 
Vase stands about 9 inches tall. 

A close up shot of the flowers

This is how the the faux wood bark looks. I finished it with different black and brown shade of chalk pastels. 

The back of the vase. 

This vase turned out one of a kind. I am very happy how it looks. 
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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Roses Polymer Clay Vases

Beautiful Roses

These vases surprised me. I am so proud on how they turned out.
I love creating vases and bottles with flower but I also admire other polymer clay designs and try to do something with my own twist but I am always drawn back to making these beautiful flowers.  
I think they're beautiful. 
 I spent a lot of time handcrafting each roses and adding the rest of the details. 
Colours are requested by a customer. 
The vases are clear glass covered with black textured clay and finished with gilders paste. 
Roses and other details are also crafted using polymer clay. 
Vases stands 8 inches tall. 
It is such a unique art. 

Burgundy and White Roses

Gold Roses

Yellow and White Roses

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