Friday, 21 February 2014

DIY Tutorial Beads & Butterflies Polymer Clay Wine Bottle

I just finished the new addition to my wine bottle collection.  It's Beads & Butterflies.
Another fun project using empty wine bottle.  

Materials I used for this project:
Basic polymer clay tools
Makin's texture sheet
Clean empty wine bottle
Polymer Clay -  premo peacock pearl & black
Butterfly rubber stamp
glass beads
Jacquard pearl ex - purple, blue, gold & copper
Viva inka gold ( silver) & Baroque gilders paste (german silver)

I start my project by conditioning the clay several times in the pasta machine.
In this project I am only using two colours, premo black & peacock pearl.

I placed the clay together to combined colours and run it to the pasta machine several times until I am happy on how it looks. Then, I run it once more with the texture sheet.

Once I have the textured clay. I trace pattern all over it with a pencil. You can create
 any pattern you like. 

I used cutting tool to cut around the pattern I created.

After cutting, I cleaned the edges and sides using the texture sheet. 

Now, it's time to place it on the bottle. I wrap one side of the bottle and I created another patterned clay to cover the other side. 

The bottle I used was a screw cap bottle so,  I have to cover that part. I used the same clay combination and wrap it around it and I added texture using the texture sheet.

To create the impression of a butterfly. I used a rubber stamp from inkadinkado.
My rubber stamp collection for card making comes in handy. 

I cut around the butterfly using the cutter tool. 

I wanted to create colourful butterfly. I used blue, purple, gold and copper pearl ex pigments. I applied it to the butterfly with a small brush. 

I placed the butterflies on the bottle using polybonder adhesive. I did not placed it flat on the bottle so I wanted to make sure it will stick  after curing. 

After I placed all the butterflies. I used extras of my peacock pearl clay to create round beads everywhere.  I placed small glass beads in the middle.

I cured the bottle at 275C in the oven for 40 mins. 

After it cooled down. I dab small amount of viva inka gold (silver) around the cover to create a metallic look. 

I added some gold Baroque gilders paste (german silver) for effects on my metal cover. 

Last step: I wipe excess of the paste with cotton cloth and then finish it with PYM II.
I strung bronze glass beads and wrap it around the neck of the bottle for accent. 

Finished Project:

This is another Fun project using empty bottle and polymer clay. 
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and thank you for visiting  my blog.

More designs and ideas coming soon.