Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Pretty Hydrangea Polymer Clay Vase

This project is the newest addition to my frosted vases collection. I was working with red and purple hydrangeas this past few days for my sis-in-law's wedding and I thought I should do a project to add to my collection and something to remind me of this wonderful event.

                                                              Red & Purple Dream

My inspiration to this project -  Red & Purple Hydrangeas

Materials for this project:
Used glass flower vase 
Glass enamel paint - red & purple
Polymer clay tools
Hydrangea flower & leaf for impression
Polymer Clay - Premo's olive, blue glitter, purple pearl & red accent
Polybonder Adhesive
Pearl ex pigment - red russet, purple, white & gold

Purple, Red, Gold,  Bronze, White Pearl ex pigments

I started my project by cleaning my vase.
I wanted to have a frosted look on my vase so I use crystal enamel gloss purple & red glitters.
Using a sponge, I dab the paint all over the vase. I started out with the purple one
and then accent it with the red colour.

Picture below shows the result of sponging purple and red.
Then I let it dry about an hour.

Next step is to make the hydrangeas. I took one petal from the silk flowers I'm working and use that as a pattern and to create impression.
I use a carving tool to cut around and the ball tool to clean the sides and create a realistic look.
For the puple clay, I combined 1/3 of purple pearl premo clay and 1/2 of the blue glitter premo clay.

This is how it looks after cutting and brushing it with white & purple pearl ex pigment. I added a round olive clay in the middle and brush it with gold pearl ex. 
I made several of these flowers purple & red flowers to cover the vase.  I use the same procedure to create the red hydrangea using red clay & red russet pearl ex, white & gold.

The vase has 2 leaves on each sides. To create the leaves, I used olive clay. I took one of the leaves from the silk flowers I'm working for pattern and impression. Exactly the same technique I used to create the flowers.

I brushed it with gold pearl ex pigment to highlight details on the leaves and white pearl ex all over the leaves to create metallic look.

After I placed all my flower on the vase. I used the extra red and purple clay to create a rope and tied it around the neck of the vase. I thought it will make a great accent to my design.

I secured the rope with polybonder adhesive.

Cured at 275C for 30 minutes and finished it with PYM II

The Finished Product 

This project took awhile to make because of the details. I enjoyed working with this vase and it turned lovely. It can be used as flower vase or just a decor itself. 
It can also be "Beautiful gift from the heart".

Thank you for visiting my blog site.
More designs coming.