Friday, 7 February 2014

Textured Polymer Clay Vases

This is my Pretty in Pink Vase. I love pink flowers.
I used cobblestone texture sheets from makins for all these projects. 
I like the layering effect of the clay on the vase and the colour tones I chose turned out great. 
This is the one way of how I make use of my scrap clays. I condition them all together, run it several times in a pasta machine, then last, with the textured sheet at 3 or 4 setting. 
To achieve a metallic finish, I brush them with gold & bronze pearl ex pigments. 
Flowers, leaves and branches are sculpted individually, brushed with several tones of pearl ex for shimmery look and I glue them to the vase using polybonder adhesive. 
Two vases above and bottom are medium size vases.
These are great projects. It is wonderful to create something special and nice from scrap clays and recycled glasses.  All you need is imagination, time and patience. Gifts from the heart :-)

Heart shaped bowl with white narcissus flowers.

Here's another vase I created with a different design but very similar colour tones.
The flower here is more like golden yellowish colour.
I enjoy sculpting flowers. They look pretty on the vases.