Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Flower Garden Polymer Clay Vase

This is a brick textured polymer clay vase with sculpted flowers. For this project, I combined copper and sienna premo polymer clay & brick texture sheet by makins for the vase cover. I brushed it with gold pearl ex to create a metallic look.
Flowers were individually sculpted, brushed with different shades of pearl ex for the details and I used polybonder adhesive to secure it on the vase. 
It took me long to finish this project but it turned out very nice. 
This made a beautiful birthday gift to someone special. 

Here's another design using the same technique and colours. It is
an oven safe dish I found from the dollar store. 
I designed this dish to have a layered look cover just like the vase.
It's a beautiful piece to keep. This project is also a birthday gift to someone special.