Friday, 7 February 2014

Textured Polymer Clay Vases

This is my Pretty in Pink Vase. I love pink flowers.
I used cobblestone texture sheets from makins for all these projects. 
I like the layering effect of the clay on the vase and the colour tones I chose turned out great. 
This is the one way of how I make use of my scrap clays. I condition them all together, run it several times in a pasta machine, then last, with the textured sheet at 3 or 4 setting. 
To achieve a metallic finish, I brush them with gold & bronze pearl ex pigments. 
Flowers, leaves and branches are sculpted individually, brushed with several tones of pearl ex for shimmery look and I glue them to the vase using polybonder adhesive. 
Two vases above and bottom are medium size vases.
These are great projects. It is wonderful to create something special and nice from scrap clays and recycled glasses.  All you need is imagination, time and patience. Gifts from the heart :-)

Heart shaped bowl with white narcissus flowers.

Here's another vase I created with a different design but very similar colour tones.
The flower here is more like golden yellowish colour.
I enjoy sculpting flowers. They look pretty on the vases. 

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Flower Blooms Polymer Clay Vases

These are some of my early polymer clay vase creations. I used different variety of glass vases. They are inexpensive. I buy used ones at thrift store for a dollar each. I covered them with polymer clay all over and sculpted flowers to design it. To secure the sculpted flowers and accent beads. I used polybonder adhesive. I wanted to create a unique blends of colour so I blended two or 3 colours of Premo accent clay to achieve a nice tone. 
I like using premo accent for my work. It creates a nice metallic look.
All these vases made a wonderful christmas gifts to friends and family.
I filled them up with individual wrapped chocolates. Wrapped them with clear cellophane and tie it with christmas ribbons. 
Lovely gifts from the heart. 

I created these two vases from recycled apple sauce jar and pickle jar. I used accent premo clay and blend 2 colours together to cover the entire jar.  It is a very inexpensive gifts. It just need time and little imagination.

All wrapped up.  Happy gift giving :-)

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Free style - Shimmers with Pearl ex Pigments

These are my shimmer pendants - free style. It was one of those quick projects and I did not pictured out ahead what my design will be.
I was happy of how it turned out. It made a pretty necklace and a wonderful gifts.
I brush them with pearl ex powder to get the metallic look. I added some glass bead for accents. 

Happy Hearts

Hello Clay Friends, this is the heart shape pendants I created using Wendy Orlowski techniques. 
 It was fun creating this project. I love the heart shaped pendants and keychain. Great gift ideas not only 
for valentines but for any occasions.
In this project I used a gold premo accent clay, textured rubber stamp, heart shape cabezel mold, piƱata ink (sangria & gold), gold and silver gilders paste. 
Click on the link below to see video of Wendy Orlowski's tutorial:

Happy Hearts Personalized Keychains

Thank you for visiting my blog.
Check out other designs and ideas and also DIY tutorials on polymer clay wine bottles.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Distressed/Antique Style Polymer Clay Pendants

I made several distressed/ antique looking pendant for gifts using black polymer clay, textured rubber stamps, several shapes and sizes of cutters, glass beads for accent, gilders paste to create the antique/ distress looked & PYMII. This was a great project. My sisters enjoyed wearing these pendants.
This is a very easy project. It just takes little effort and imagination.

Red Russet Textured Polymer Clay Necklace

I am happy on how this necklace turned out. When I was looking at my materials available. It took me awhile to decide what I will create. I thought of making something with 3 pendants, instead of placing beads on each sides. It is something different, yet very pretty. I used pearl ex pigments to get the red russet colour.
Materials I used for this project are black polymer clay, 3 sizes of football shape cookie cutter, cobble stone textured pad by makins, black glass beads & pins, black leather cords and clasps and the pearl ex red russet. I finished this with PYMII.
If you have any questions about the materials used and instructions step by step how to make this necklace. Let me know and I'll be glad to share my ideas.

Another design with the same texture and colour.

Monday, 3 February 2014

African Bronze Textured Polymer Clay Necklace

This African Bronze textured necklace turned out to be a unique design.
I wanted to create a bold design that will stand out. It's a great accessory when you are wearing a plain colour blouse or dress.
In this project. I used black polymer clay, Helen Breil texture stamps, 2 sizes of football shape cookie cutter, gilders past, black leather cord and clasp.
To create the pendant. I have to cut one end and formed it.  In the middle of the pendant. I accent it with a black glass beads. The rest of the beads are from the scrap pieces of textured clay after cutting the shape of the pendant. Once the clay is cured. I finished it with bronze gilders paste and PYM II.

Patina Blue Swirl

I love the shape of this pendant.  I created this using a combination of clay colours to get a patina shade. I used a cobblestone texture from makin's clay and cut it with  2 sizes of round cutter. I have to cut one side of the round shape to make the swirl. I cured it and when it was ready I applied bronze gilders paste. I made the extra beads from the scraps after cutting the pendant. I use black leather cord for the chain.

I created another design with the same colour and texture.
Adding a glass bead in the middle, creates a nice touch.

Polymer Clay Textured Necklace

This is one of my necklace using Helen Breil's shape. 
I created this design using a football shape cookie cutters, 2 sizes. The smaller size is for the opening in the middle.
I used black polymer clay and a textured rubber pad to create the texture. 
I Finished it with  bronze and antique gold gilders paste, black leather cord and a glass bead accent in the middle. 

Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay is a type of modelling clay based on (PVC) polymer polyvinyl chloride. Clay is curable by baking it at low temperature. Brands include Fimo, Sculpey, Premo, Cernit, Formello, Modello, Du-kit, craftsmart and Kato-polyclay. Each manufacturer has its own recommended oven temperature for curing. Polymer clay are non toxic but not labeled as "Food Safe". It is generally used for arts and craft items and commercial application to make decorative parts.

I started using polymer clay for jewelries but I discovered ways to use them on glasses. I buy inexpensive clear glass vases from the thrift store and cover the glass with polymer clay and create some designs on it. Glass vases are safe to bake at low temperature.

Recently, I tried painting the clear vases with enamel glass paint. Once the paint is dry,  I added polymer clay designs. The enamel glass paint cures the same temperature with the polymer clay. Overall, my work turned out great. 
In my first few pages. I will share to you several of my polymer clay jewelries that I created.

Photo below shows the very first polymer clay jewelry I created. I made clay canes with swirl design using several colours of Premo accent. I cut thin slices of clay canes to cover the pendant and the clay beads and I added glass beads to my design. I created this set for a wonderful friend.