Sunday, 11 October 2015

Polymer Clay Vase "Daffodils"

This vase is simple yet elegant. My idea is to make it a multipurpose piece. It can be a vase,  a candle holder, pen holder or just by itself. 
Part of this vase is frosted with glass enamel paint and half covered with clay.  
Materials used are cylinder shape glass vase, enamel paint, polymer clay & chalk pastel.
Flowers are sculpted using bright yellow clay and I brushed chalk pastel to add color details. 


This design is inspired from one of the tutorial I saw in pinterest. 
I love how it looks. After the vase was cured. I washed it with black acrylic clay to give it 
an old look. 

The three daffodils are placed on the front of the vase.
The top part is frosted with light brown shade of glass enamel paint.

It is such a pretty vase. It's definitely a unique piece.

Thank you for visiting my blog. This vase is available for purchase in my 
Luna Blue Gifts store.  

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