Thursday, 12 November 2015

Polymer Clay Covered Teapot "Pink Beauty"

This is my very first attempt on polymer clay covered teapot. 
I wasn't even sure if the clay will stick well to the pot but I was eager to experiment and see the result.
I covered it with sand textured clay and wrapped it layered style on the pot. I thought it's one way of letting the clay stick to the glazed pot. 
Flowers, leaves and other details were added once the pot was all covered. Then brushed gilders paste to achieve an oxidized metal look. 
After curing I am happy that the clay adhered well to the pot. 
It did not need any adhesive at all. It just sticks well to the stoneware. 

Pink Beauty

I added highlights on the flowers using chalk pastel.

I love how the details turned out. 
I called this vase pink beauty because all the details 
I planned to use were shades of pink.
They really stand against the oxidized background. 

This is back part of the vase. 
This project was a success. 
My very first altered teapot. 
This vase is for decoration only. 
It cannot function as a teapot anymore. 
The hot tea will slowly destroy the clay design. 
It looks like I will be doing more of this project in the future. 

This Pink Beauty Teapot is available for purchase in my Luna Blue Gifts
This is a unique piece. A beautiful gift and Art. 
Thank you for visiting my blog.

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