Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Metallic Inspired Polymer Clay Wine Bottles

I was inspired to create metal looking bottles last week.  
I love... love.. how they turned out. 
Just a simple dab of perfect pearls, pearl ex powder, viva inca and gilders paste works like wonders to create this metal appearance. 
This is fun way to upcycle wine bottles, turning them into something unique and one of a kind piece of art. 
I made five bottles.  They are textured, stamped, gilded and one half painted with glass paint. 

This is my medallion design. I added copper chain to complete the look of this bottle. 

Dragon flies, leaves, branches in a metal look...

My patina and copper finish bottle. I added the rings and leaves for accent. 
I think it's pretty unique. 

This is such a pretty bottle. I love the stamped details and a blast of purple pearl ex powder. 

This bottle is just gorgeous. My inspiration was to create something that stands out.
The feathered broa texture and the stamped details made this bottle unique along with the crumpled  parchment paper texture, finished with german silver, antique bronze and copper. 

"A Perfect Pair"
These bottle has both hand stamped design and pearl ex powder. 

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