Thursday, 17 March 2016

Polymer Clay Teapot Fairy House

Teapot Fairy House
These teapot fairy houses are my spring project. I've been seeing a lot of fairy houses lately and I got  inspired to make my very own version of teapot fairy houses. 
It was a very exciting project. I enjoyed adding beautiful details and I made sure there will be a happy fairy at the end. 
My first teapot fairy house is a small teapot about 2 cups size. 
I am very happy how it turned out. It is a fairy quilting shop, so quilter fairy lives inside. 
I made this for a friend who loves fantasy. 
This house is made out of ceramic teapot and polymer clay, finished with pearl ex powder and multi surface paint. 

Quilting Shop

This is my second teapot fairy house. This teapot is larger than my first one.
I love the stone bricks. I am happy I added them as accent on the wall. The big rustic door with old gold design made this fairy house really unique. I also added cherry blossom flowers at the back of the teapot. The wall of the house is like antiqued washed. Cobblestone on the front steps and on the ground. I also added a hanging flower light and wooden mailbox. 
This fairy house is really pretty and ready for your winged friend. 
This house is available in my LunaBlueGifts shop for purchase.  

Teapot Fairy Villa

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Happy Spring!