Friday, 17 June 2016

Blissful Fairy Home Polymer Clay Fairy House

I am finally done with my latest fairy house. It is Another pretty addition to my collection. The progress has been slow but I am so happy that I completed it. The basic material used for this house is a small vase, about 4 inches tall, foil for armature and clay. 
I use molds for the leaves but the rest if all hand sculpted. 
Here's all the material  used in this project. 
Super sculpey clay
Premo clay
Clean vase
Foil for armature
Acrylic paint 
Chalk Pastel
Metal chain

My plan is to create a dome style roof. So, I use foil to create the dome. I covered it with clay to secure it on place and then layers of leaves. 

I love the look of the braided ladder. It turned out to be a good addition to the house. 

The wall is brick style. 

I left the windows clear. 

I also added the tree, swing, mailbox and mushroom stools. 
It's a charming little house for a winged friend. 

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