Saturday, 23 July 2016

Dragon Collection Polymer Clay Bottles

These bottles are so unique. The very first time I tried something outside my comfort zone. 
I love how they all turned out. They are one of a kind. 
I put lots of details and countless hours working on them but I enjoyed every moment. It was a like a journey into something enchanting and magical. 
Bottles are partly hand painted and the rest is made of polymer clay. 

Old stone wall with vines. Bottle is painted with champagne, gold, black.

Emerald the Forest Dragon.
Bark texture with ferns and flowers complete the look of this bottle. 
It is painted with gold, turquoise & sea breeze. 

I added a lot of glass beads for accent and gold leaf on this dragon. 
She is very unique. 

She is the very first dragon I created. 
Silver, purplish shade. I also added a lot of glass beads for accent. 
Cobblestone cover and silver, gold purple paint. 

I will definitely make more of these bottles. They are fun and exciting. 
It is so unique. 
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