Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Frosted Vases With Sculpted Polymer Clay

I wanted to create something different and I decided to combine glass painting and polymer clay. These are my frosted vases with polymer clay design. 
To start with this project. I buy inexpensive, used glass vases from the thrift store.
I paint the clear glass with a sponge using 2 to 3 colours of frost enamel glass paint. 
This technique is easier than resurfacing the entire glass with polymer clay.  I leave the glass to dry after painting, maybe for an hour. Flowers, leaves and other details are sculpted individually and glued on the glass. I brushed them with pearl ex pigments to create a metallic look and highlight some details.  The good thing about using the enamel paint is, it can be cured in the oven same temperature with the clay. I finished these vases with PYM II. I tested it and it works fine with painted glass surface. 
I created about 4 designs of these frosted glasses.  I have more ideas and designs coming and I will share it with you soon. These vases belongs to my personal collections.

Roses are Red

Pretty Pink Daisy

I wanted to create an orchid flowers but I decided to make changes and accent 
it with pearl. It turned out beautiful. 

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