Thursday, 31 December 2015

Metallic Steampunk Design Polymer Clay Vase

What's great about polymer clay is its versatility. I thank the PC artist who discovered how to make PC metallic looking. I love this technique. 
These vases are my version of metallic, steampunk look cylinder shape polymer clay covered vases. 
They stand about 7 inches tall. 

My steampunk Design
 Every details on the vase are all made of polymer clay. Gilded and brushed with pearl ex powder to achieve metal look. I added perfect pearls patina for an aged look. 

The glass vase is frosted with champagne and gold bakeable multi surface paint. 
They cure well when baked so they stay durable. 

This textured copper vase is a quick project. 
I use black clay, run it to the pasta machine with rubber texture mat. 
I covered the vase and finished it with perfect ranger patina and viva inca gold copper. 

The covered vase looks bare to me so I needed to add something on it. 
Ah! metallic butterflies will look nice. 
I also finished it with copper and patina. 

I am pretty pleased how these vases turned out.
The copper and patina vase is available for purchase in my 
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Monday, 28 December 2015

Antiqued Washed Polymer Clay Vase

I made this vase with layers of textured clay. My goal is to achieve an antique finish. The fan leaves textured and the blend of raw sienna and burnt umber clay created a beautiful cover for this vase. 
The vase stands about 10 inches tall. It is large vase and it used about 6 oz. of polymer clay for the cover. 
It is a unique decor and it can still function as flower vase. 

The clay rope complete the vintage look of the vase. 
After I cured the vase I painted it with antique paint and rubbed off any excess. 

I added the sculpted roses for accent. 

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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Polymer Clay Vases and bowl " Tropical Dream"

Winter time and it just make me think of somewhere warm. Ocean breeze, palm trees and beautiful tropical flowers.  The latest vases I created are all tropical inspired. I love hibiscus. They are Lovely flowers and it comes in different colours. 
Each vases are made out of glass vase & bowl and polymer clay. 
All flowers on these vases are hand sculpted. Leaves are hand stamped. I use chalk pastel to enhance the colours of  clay skinner blend  I used on each flower. 

Orange Hibiscus

This particular design is made to look like a teapot. I covered it all with leaves. I love how it turned out.

I want something vibrant. I found a vase online that inspired me but I made my own style and twist. 
I created the flowers pearl finish by adding pearl ex powder. 
The vase cover is matte and textured with sea sponge. Details are highlighted with chalk pastel and sealed. 

The faux teapot and the red vase are available for purchase in my Luna Blue Gifts shop. 
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Friday, 18 December 2015

Peony Polymer Clay Frosted Vase

My latest frosted vase design. 
My inspiration to this vase is my front flower garden. Where I have beautiful summer flowers and the bushes of white and pink peonies. I decided to add tree bark around the body of the vase. I thought the concave shape of the vase makes it interesting. It also highlight the beautiful flowers.
I brushed the flowers and other details with pearl ex powder and chalk pastel. 
The glass vase is frosted with multi surface paint gold and champagne. 
Vase stands about 9 inches tall. 

A close up shot of the flowers

This is how the the faux wood bark looks. I finished it with different black and brown shade of chalk pastels. 

The back of the vase. 

This vase turned out one of a kind. I am very happy how it looks. 
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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Roses Polymer Clay Vases

Beautiful Roses

These vases surprised me. I am so proud on how they turned out.
I love creating vases and bottles with flower but I also admire other polymer clay designs and try to do something with my own twist but I am always drawn back to making these beautiful flowers.  
I think they're beautiful. 
 I spent a lot of time handcrafting each roses and adding the rest of the details. 
Colours are requested by a customer. 
The vases are clear glass covered with black textured clay and finished with gilders paste. 
Roses and other details are also crafted using polymer clay. 
Vases stands 8 inches tall. 
It is such a unique art. 

Burgundy and White Roses

Gold Roses

Yellow and White Roses

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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Polymer Clay Covered Teapot "Pink Beauty"

This is my very first attempt on polymer clay covered teapot. 
I wasn't even sure if the clay will stick well to the pot but I was eager to experiment and see the result.
I covered it with sand textured clay and wrapped it layered style on the pot. I thought it's one way of letting the clay stick to the glazed pot. 
Flowers, leaves and other details were added once the pot was all covered. Then brushed gilders paste to achieve an oxidized metal look. 
After curing I am happy that the clay adhered well to the pot. 
It did not need any adhesive at all. It just sticks well to the stoneware. 

Pink Beauty

I added highlights on the flowers using chalk pastel.

I love how the details turned out. 
I called this vase pink beauty because all the details 
I planned to use were shades of pink.
They really stand against the oxidized background. 

This is back part of the vase. 
This project was a success. 
My very first altered teapot. 
This vase is for decoration only. 
It cannot function as a teapot anymore. 
The hot tea will slowly destroy the clay design. 
It looks like I will be doing more of this project in the future. 

This Pink Beauty Teapot is available for purchase in my Luna Blue Gifts
This is a unique piece. A beautiful gift and Art. 
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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Polymer Clay Vase "Daffodils"

This vase is simple yet elegant. My idea is to make it a multipurpose piece. It can be a vase,  a candle holder, pen holder or just by itself. 
Part of this vase is frosted with glass enamel paint and half covered with clay.  
Materials used are cylinder shape glass vase, enamel paint, polymer clay & chalk pastel.
Flowers are sculpted using bright yellow clay and I brushed chalk pastel to add color details. 


This design is inspired from one of the tutorial I saw in pinterest. 
I love how it looks. After the vase was cured. I washed it with black acrylic clay to give it 
an old look. 

The three daffodils are placed on the front of the vase.
The top part is frosted with light brown shade of glass enamel paint.

It is such a pretty vase. It's definitely a unique piece.

Thank you for visiting my blog. This vase is available for purchase in my 
Luna Blue Gifts store.  

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Red Poppy & Spring Tulips Polymer Clay Bowl

I love these bowls. They can be used as pencil holder, candle holder or just a decor itself.
They stand about 5 inches tall and and 4 inches opening. It is such a beautiful piece. 
All details are hand sculpted and finished with pearl ex powder. 

The flowers are hand sculpted individually and finished with pearl ex powder. 
I use red, black and olive green clays.
Flowers and leaves were added to the covered vase and then cured. 

Leaves are hand stamped and bowl cover is a textured black clay finished with silver viva inca gold. 
My idea was to achieve an oxidized silver look. I am pretty happy how it turned out. 

Here's another design I created with tulips.  The orange tulips and the old gold cover of the bowl created a very nice contrast. It was a challenge to me placing these sculpted flowers on the bowl to make it life like looking. I added the leaves and the stems and added some pearl ex for finishing. The look lovely. 
Tulips are my favourite flowers. They add beauty to the spring after a lifeless winter. 

These bowls are part of my flower vases collection. 

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The Red poppy vase is available for purchase in my Luna Blue Gifts Store. 

Friday, 2 October 2015

Textured Metallic Polymer Clay

I found this unique shape vase and I thought I will turn it metallic looking. 
Materials for this project are black premo clay, textured mat, alcohol ink and gilders paste. 
To achieve a metallic look I used piƱata alcohol ink and gilders paste. 

Textured Metallic Vase

The vase has very nice texture. 

To painted alcohol ink inside the vase to make it black. 

I added the Ridges on the edges to create  nice details. 

Thank you for visiting my blog. This beautiful unique vase is 
available for purchase in my Luna Blue Gifts store. 

Patchwork Polymer Clay Wine Bottle

This bottle is my latest of my altered wine bottle. In this project I used 750 ml wine bottle,  polymer clay, gilders paste, cutters, textured mat. 
This is a very unique art and beautiful altered bottle. 
Clay is textured and finished with gilders paste. 
It is cured in oven for 275 at 45 minutes.


I used several shapes of cutters to create the patches for this bottle. 

I am pretty pleased how this bottle turned out. 
I love the patches. 

This bottle is waiting for its forever home. 
This is available for purchase in my Luna Blue Gifts store.
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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Rosa Polymer Clay Vase

This polymer clay vase is the first vase I made in my flower collection. 
The very first thing I had in mind was to create something red. A red flower. 
This vase turned out to be very a beautiful piece.
The vase stands 8.25 inches tall and 3 inches opening. 
Materials used in this project is clear glass vase, polymer clay (black and red), gilders paste.

I love red flowers. I am happy how this flower turned out. 

I use black textured clay to cover the vase and finished with gilders paste. 
I also added leaves and rope around the opening. 

This is a beautiful vase. It is very elegant and unique.
This vase is available for purchase in my LunaBlueGifts store. 
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Blue Anemone Polymer Clay Vase

This vase is the second vase I created for the my flower vase collection. It stands about 7.8 inches tall and 3 inches opening. Materials used for this vase is clear glass vase, wire, polymer clay (black, silver, blue, green, yellow & purple), gilders paste. 
My inspiration to this piece is the blue anemone flower. I blended two shades of blue clay to create a nice effect. 

Flowers were sculpted using two blends of blue clay and I added the textured leaves.
The middle part is yellow and purple clay.

I used textured black clay and layered it all over the vase. I finished it with gilders paste and added the round beads on a painted wire.

I love how this vase turned out. It is such a beautiful piece. 
Thank you for visiting my blog. This vase is available for purchase in my LunaBlueGifts store. 

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Frosted Lavender Polymer Clay Vase

This Frosted Lavender, another vase from my flower collection. This vase is made from clear medium size bowl frosted with glass enamel paint and sculpted polymer clay details. Then baked & sealed. 

I sculpted the flower using two shades of clay color and finished it with macro pearl  ex. 

Leaves are made of black premo clay, gilded with old silver and green. 

Here's another vase I made with the same colors. A bouquet of roses. I love these vases. They make lovely home accent pieces.  

Thank you for visiting my blog.  This vase is available for purchase in my shop LunaBlueGifts